taking back roads

The Kids

on January 10, 2015

Over the break B had little issues with clothes, shoes, etc. This week was a different story. There must be some anxiety about school which comes out in  sensory issues. I really don’t think he’s manipulating us – or trying to act out.  Once he’s at school he’s fine (I’ve talked with teacher – no issues at all with behavior, friends, grades..). And when I pick him up he’s happy, usually had a good day, excited to share about it. But then when morning rolls around its rough all over again.. It’s a really hard way to start the day.
He really doesn’t like me taking pictures of him, so I don’t push it. Which can be hard since I like to capture like every minute of the day. 😉 I was overjoyed when he actually smiled me for when the camera was out.



He really is a great kid. And you should see his crazy dance moves.

And with this one, there’s no need to have an alarm clock.


I think he wakes up the sun and roosters.

Funny story – for bdays my mom takes each kid out to lunch and a store to pick out a gift. She took J to Toys R Us, but that was too overwhelming for him so he asked to go to Target (that’s my kid!). He ended up picking out character sheets (!!) And a little Minecraft animal -both pictured above 🙂

He really likes to help out in the kitchen – especially if I’m making something sweet! Here he is helping me with applesauce pancakes.



Now Abby – she’s too busy this week for pics – aka face glued to  Kindle.



Her BFF gave this locket to her. It’s fun to hear about her friends, reminds me of the fun I had as a young girl.

And then there’s this mess..


I sent her to my room to nap since he was getting a little too sassy and when I checked on her, she was watching a DVD.


Now she’s just trying to cover her tracks, explaining to me the situation – the DVD player was already in my room, along with the Dora DVD. She just turned it on.


Let’s be honest, she pretty much rules this place.


And when your kids don’t want you taking their pic, you practice on their toys.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m sure most of you will be staying inside. I’m babysitting a friend’s son and since it’s too cold outside we’ll be heading to Chick-fil-A soon. Let them get the crazies out in the play area, as I sit on the other side of the glass wall, the nice quiet side 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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