taking back roads

Keep Calm And Eat A Cupcake

on April 8, 2015



Lydia threw up on grocery cart.

Lady ahead of me at Starbucks “paid it forward” and bought my latte.

Dog pooped next to our bed. Surprise!

Cards, texts and calls from family and friends. Thank you.

More vomiting.

Visit from my momma.

M brought home dinner.

Lots of Love from the kids.

Delicious cupcake. Which I ate outside with M, in secrecy. 

More vomit. But reminded me of how needed I am.

Not the ideal way to spend a bday but my heart is full! As I get older birthdays become less about celebrating and more about reflecting. This song came to mind – and though I’m not really a country music fan, this song is one of my faves. This stage in life is just a stepping stone!

Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!


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