taking back roads

Finally the Weekend

on August 23, 2015



They are tired.

I am tired.

It was a good first week. They all gave me a “thumb’s up” at the end of each day. I was absolutely giddy to be by myself for a couple hours on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m thinking L should go to preschool five days a week. 😉

This weekend we’ve spent the majority of the time outside. It has been very humid but at least overcast and breezy. Unfortunately  mosquitoes are out in full force and we are covered in huge red bumps. :/



(John David’s cap ❤ )



Last night we went bowling. So much fun! The kids and myself used the bumpers and A is the only one that broke 100! I had one more point (pin?) than L. I’m horrible! It was so funny watching L, every time a pin fell she would Squeal!!!


Really just more of the same for next week, getting back into school routine. Homework will be starting up next week. Times four. Help me.

Hope you have a great week! 


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