taking back roads


on September 27, 2015

Wow. This month has been full steam ahead. Yet, also a lot like the movie Groundhog Day. The days are flying by, but it’s a lot of the same. Alarm goes off and it’s go, go, go, get them fed, dressed and out the door. If it’s not a school day for L, I head back home to rest, relax, put my feet up clean up the tornado that came through earlier in the morning and entertain L. She calls its “Me and you time”. ❤ On her school days, I head to work! A dessert shop/kids consignment store {kinda odd, I know, but this is small town America – anything goes}. I mainly work on the consignment side, tagging and pricing clothes. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work when the smell of delicious cupcakes and other goodies is filling the air??


(Part of a wedding order, double chocolate and caramel apple)

The afternoons depend on the activity..which all kind of revolve around A. I’m either picking them up from school, grabbing them later from afterschool care or waiting for them to get off the bus.


I like the days the bus drops them off because those are the days L always gets a nap – we’re each more pleasant to be around, on those days. 😉

Some other fun we had this month:


Went to the highschool football game – always so.much.fun. I looove football, and that’s OK, because this is the South 😉

Went to Dave & Buster’s — a blast!!


Such a great afternoon! It’s always nice when we can go somewhere and all 6 of us are enjoying ourselves and there is absolutely no pouting or whining. #winning


Last week I went on a field trip with L’s class. She “milked” a cow, fed goats, took a tractor ride and went gem mining. But none of that topped her first bus ride. Great day for a three year old.


Her first dental cleaning happened this month. She did excellent! Teeth look good! The other three also had cleanings – J has a cavity 😦 and B&A have been referred to orthodontist. Time to play the lottery.

And the biggest happening from this month:


B learned how to ride a bike, all alone!! He decided one day to just get on it and try – BOOM – he’s doing it. Incredibly proud of him.

And now for a big ‘Little Finn Designs’ photo dump. I’ve shared before how talented my SIL is and how cute her items are; we’re fortunate that she shares them with us, in exchange for photos for her etsy shop and Instagram feed.






It takes my breath away to see what a beautiful young lady A is becoming. And that Lulu..such a cutie.

I’ll end with this: Just giving the kitty some Love!


You’re welcome. Now have a fabulous week!


One response to “September

  1. Ben Burt says:

    What a blessing for you to send these blogs!!! Since we can’t be close in miles we can be close in hearts.  You have such a way with pictures and words.  Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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